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Nymphomaniac Vol I & II

Shiiit. Mann. That was BONKERS. Honestly I thought that was one amazing work of film. It was so bonkers I dont know if it can be classified as ‘Good’ or ‘bad’. It was interesting though. For those that dont know this is the new Lars Von Trier movie out in (limited) release now. The premise follows a nymphomaniac woman recounting events from her past. No, its not the thin excuse for 4 hours of porn that you might think it is. The film does get very graphic. Plenty of breasts and penises of all shapes sizes and colors. Even a Shia Labeouf penis(I’ll never be able to watch ‘even stevens’ again!). Though honestly the nudity in the movie wasnt oversexualized, it fit the narrative. It is definitely not a traditional movie for American audiences, its just too far outside of the box. Too much nudity, too much sex,unconventional plot. I sat through all 4 hours of this and i dont regret it. It was captivating. At first I just wanted to see it because of the immature child in me that wanted to see boobs, but by the end I was much more entertained than I was aroused, though there were boobs galore. This truly was a work of cinematic art as ridiculous as that sounds. Its possible my American brain is biased by the novelty of this type of film, but I stand by my statement. The fact that this made it to American theaters blows me away and gives me hope. If you’re even remotely interested in this type of film, I suggest you give it a try.


I’m going to be taking a hiatus from Tumblr for a while. I feel like I’m too old and i’m spending too much of my life reblogging titties. It cant be healthy for me. So, anyone who knows me you probably already know how to get in touch with me. Anyone who wants my info just ask. Thanks all for following and listening to my occasional rants. ~Sirr


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